BetoJanz - Mixed Media/Urban Artist​​​​​​​
Since I was a kid I have been immersed in rock'n'roll, horror movies and skateboarding. The underground universe has always been part of my lifestyle and work. I think my art depicts ingredients of this universe.
It was precisely rock'n'roll that influenced me to have a do-it-yourself mindset, as well as this urge to set myself free. Because I want my art to have no limits or bonds, I constantly try new techniques, materials and processes. Instead of patterns, my work gives birth to new creation experiences.
The raw material I use in my work depends on feeling and availability. I blend my expectations with the possibilities the environment provides me. These are things to be carefully considered. I usually start my work with an initial idea on how to run the project, while the make of it grants me new possibilities that come up without previous planning. This innovation keeps me in a always-learning working process.
My main commitment is to myself and to my high expectations about my work. It doesn't mean it is easier to create. Actually, it is harder because I am my worst enemy. I can be happy with a result, but I am never completely satisfied. This helps me keep improving my art and myself.
My artworks consist of things I would like to see or own myself. My motivation is bringing to life these ideas and dreams, and going through new experiences, techniques and processes. I learn and enjoy every moment as I craft my art, as though it was the last thing I am doing.