Roberto Janz / A.K.A. BetoJanz
Mixed Media/Urban Artist, Beto Janz was born in Curitiba/Brazil in 1981.
He graduated in Graphic Design in 2003, followed by a post-degree in Multimedia in 2004, when he started to work as a Graphic Designer in several advertisement agencies and design studios.
Beto Janz brings in his baggage references from several universes, and, even, diverging ones. From underground art to corporate works, his own style doesn't let any doubts about his intentions to express ideas and lifestyle. With several nationally and internationally recognized and awarded works on design market, Beto leaves his personal mark on each new creative immersion.
With the money he earned in these jobs, BetoJanz could afford, on his spare time, most of the artworks that appear in his portfolio and that is what makes him feels truly alive.
Working with different types of materials, from wood to bronze, he continues printing features of the universe in which he lives.
Now living in Toronto, Beto is always looking for new references and opportunities to spread his skateboard & rock 'n' roll culture through his art.

2017 - One Person Exhibition, Galeria Teix. Curitiba, Brazil
2016 - Ofrenda at Hoop Gallery. Hamilton, Canada
2016 - Memento Mori: Skulls & Bones in Art at Huntington Beach Art Center. Huntignton Beach, USA
2016 - Dare2Create TDSB show at Artscape Youngplace. (SK8 or DIY) OSF x BetoJanz, Toronto, Canada
2015, 2016, and 2017 - The Youth are Revolting! at Gladstone Hotel. (presented by Roarockit and OSF), Toronto, Canada
2014 - The Skull Show at Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, USA
2014 - First Kensington Market Art Fair, Toronto, Canada
2014 - Dare2Create TDSB show at Artscape Youngplace. (Dangerous Grinds) OSF x BetoJanz, Toronto, Canada
2014 - Generation Grind at Gladstone Hotel. (presented by Roarockit and OSF), Toronto, Canada
2013 - Exhibition at Galeria Teix and Deforma Mostra Design (Bienal Internacional de Curitiba Collateral events), Curitiba, Brazil
2013 - One Person Exhibition, Galeria Teix. Curitiba, Brazil
2013 - One Person Exhibition, 14th Psycho Carnival. Curitiba, Brazil
2012 - Deforma Mostra Design, Curitiba, Brazil
2012 - São Paulo Design Weekend, São Paulo, Brazil
2010 - Anti-Design Festival, London, UK
2006 - 8ª Bienal de Design, São Paulo, Brazil
2005 - (My Brasil is with "S") Istituto Europeo di Design, Exhibited around Europe

2017 - Artist Mentoring at TDSBCREATES, Toronto, Canada
2016 - Skateboard Art Project / Project presentation for University of West Bohemia / OSF Praha / Mystic / Továrna, Pilsen/Prague, Czech Republic

2015 - Skateboard Art Project / Special Guest at University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, USA
2015 - Street Art Mash Up/Collage - Workshop to Secondary Teachers (TDSB), Toronto, Canada
2014 - Oasis Skateboard Factory, Toronto, Canada
2013 - (Algures 8) Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil
2013 - Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil
2013 - Centro Universitário Curitiba, Curitiba, Brazil
2012 - (inspiração '12) Universidade Positivo, Curitiba, Brazil

2014 - The Mammoth Book of Skulls / Running Press - Works
2014 - Concrete Wave Magazine - Article
2012 - Mastering Type: The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design / HOW - Hate Poster
2011 - Logo Design Vol. 3 / Taschen - Logos
2011 - THRASHER Magazine - Article about Broken Deck Skulls project
2010 - 100% Skate Magazine - Article about Broken Deck Skulls project
2009 - Idea Fixa Book - IdeaFixa Ambigram
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2007 - Communication Arts Magazine - Typography Theme / ambigram Death or Glory
2006 - WebDesign Magazine - Interview and works of EstudioCrop
2006 - Grafica Magazine - 22 pages article about EstudioCrop's works

2014 - Best Brazilian Beer label - I Concurso Randy Moscher de Design de Rótulos.
2007 - Winner of "Camisa 12 " logo contest for Flamengo soccer team supporters - Flamengo And Globo.com
2006 - Work chosen as Highlight of 8ª Bienal ADG - Bienal Brasileira De Design
2005 - Selected poster to be exhibited around Europe - Istituto Europeo Di Design
2005 - Winner poster to the launching of Brazilian issue of the book "The Elements of Typographic Style" by Robert Bringhurst - CosacNaify