Sado Chairs (Upcycled Chairs)

these pieces were created for Desmobilia In his work "Chair", the cranium of a skull is the main element used to give new life to the most trivial piece of furniture: the chair. More than a ”fashionist image”, this is a direct reference to the artist's lifestyle, in which a skateboard and Rock'n'Roll are present. One of the icons of this universe, the skull is an emblem of human limitation that remains after the end. Even within the urban aesthetics, it is observed elements of a work that explores the underground suspension movement - the act of rising from the ground by hooks that pierce the skin. Sadomasochism and corset piercing (piercings arranged on skin and connected by a woven tape) are also referred to. However, these elements are not intended to shock and, don´t. On the contratry, they give the piece an ambiguous delicacy *Skulls are not painted, they are burned

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